We aim to breed colorful, blue eyed milkers here at Shangrila!

                                                      Meet our herd Sires!



We are expecting 2 Pure bred Nigerian Dwarf buckling this Spring and fall!


(Closest tri-color above) Blue eye buckling : NO Name yet

D.O.B : 2/27/13

Sire : Little Wishes Luke

Dam: Duff Acres Nikki

Double Registered : AGS and NDGA

(Middle tri-color below)



                                                                                  Meet our Nannies!




Blue eyed Buckskin: Hilly Billy Nanny Violet


D.O.B : 2/1/2009

Sire : Desertnanny EC Blue Sunray

Dam: Wood Bridge Farm Viola Lolla

Double Registered : NDGA and ADGA

About Violet: Violet was one of 5 kids herself, all survived or so I was told. Violet herself throws amazing colors and 3-4 kids every time. Two have always looked like the sire. So I am excited to pair Violet with one of my two beautiful purebreds this fall! I will try to get udder pics after she kids.




                                                                                                                Other Goats

                            50% Myotonic and 50% KikoX : Fudgey (I need an updated pic :)

                            50% Nigerian dwarf and 50% KikoxOberhasliX: Skellie  

                        (Soon to be wether and need an updated pic for him too! )