Buddha at 12 weeks

Wow!! What a great experience!! You are tip top, do a great job! I have never had a better experience buying a dog. My wife is so happy, and our puppy is so beautiful!!! Your operation is amazing, congratulations on that!!! You have gained more than a happy customer, you have made a friend. You let us know if you ever need anything!!! GREAT JOB!!!!  -  Curtis and Mikki Sweat of Monterrey TN


                                                     Shyan at 7 months with her mom Shelley

Well I am a proud owner of a TM thanks to Jill. We absolutely love our puppy. She is housebroken, she is so smart, she is such a sweetheart she loves us already. Diesel is smitten with her too. He is annoying her a lot and she still stays right by his side. Thank you Jill your puppies are awesome! And the too little guys too that were licking my legs! -
  Shelley Adams of Ohio


                                                        Mikki (aka Mikki Moose) at 8mo

         Mikki lives with the Barr family in NY.


Arina at 7mo with her mom Miro.


        Arina now lives with the Stojancevova family in Maryland!