Tibetan Mastiffs are HYPO ALLERGENIC!! So even people with allergies can enjoy this majestic breed.

** Fun Fact : Tibetan Mastiffs are actually not even Mastiffs... That the name Tibetan 'mastiff' is a misnomer. This dog is not a true mastiff, and first got that name when someone observed that it looked like a mastiff; a better name for the dog would be 'Tibetan mountain dog' or, to include the same dogs on the periphery of Tibet: 'Himalayan mountain dog'.* *

Maturation: Tibetan Mastiffs are an ancient breed and very slow to mature, taking anywhere from 3 to 7 years to reach their full adult size. Females typically mature faster. Being an ancient breed TM's typically only come into heat once a year between the fall and winter. Wolves only come into heat once a year and breeds linked closest to wolves typically do the same.


Longevity: TM's are one of the longest lived X-Large breed types, averaging 10 to 14 years. Most X-large breeds live 6 to 10yrs on average.


Feeding: Because of the lower metabolism which accounts for their longevity TM's are known to be sporadic eaters..sometimes going a day or two without food.


Care:   TM's are Hypoallergenic and relatively easy to care for only blowing their coat one to two times a year..and when this happens I suggest a good brush out to prevent it being all over your home. I find it neccessary to shave my TM's down once a year, even with constant grooming their undercoat always seems to get matted. I bathe my TM's every 3 months and more in the summer, and I have noticed they do not smell like normal dogs. I am a big smell person and when she is at her dirtiest she has a faint odor. Unlinke my Dobe who smells like dog right away every time he walks out the door.


Socialization:  It is vital you socialize your dog, they may never like others but they need to respect you. My TM is the only dog I have ever encountered who constantly tests her boundaries. She would love for me to leave her to her own ways but a TM left to their own ways ends up being a danger to many.

I do not reccomend small children for TM's!

My TM does not differentiate intruders by age and altho I am able to introduce and supervise children around my TM's I would never reccomend one left unsupervised.

I have 4 children and they have all been taught to respect our dogs, and my TM's are wonderful with my kids...but again I have taught my kids well.

TM's are very sensative to their surroundings and a turbulent home will make any dog unhappy but even more so for the TM.

Strangers cannot approach my home without my o.k.

I have noticed she only reacts badly to strangers who I allow in our home if they act suspicious or scared of her. If a person acts like they have nothing to hide she is the friendliest dog while they have my leave to be in her presence.


Living situation: I cannot stress enough that a TM will not be happy in city living. They also have strong roaming urges, combined with their intelligence equals a incident waiting to happen.

They are very cunning escape artists and most people do not realize when you take your dog for a walk that expands what your dog thinks is "his territory" and he will defend that territory. No amount of recall training will work when your TM wants to "patrol" his turf, so it is imperative some form of confinement is in place for your TM.

I would NOT reccomend the underground fence as this seems to be a mere nuisance to a determined TM. You have to shave their neck and put the prongs directly on skin to even phase a TM and even then that doesn't seem to work when they REALLY want through.


Other Pets: I have TONS of animals and my TM guards them, but she will not let a random animal on my property no matter what type. For example, I have 8 cats and she loves them all but when a stray cat approaches my yard she will not allow it on my property. If I introduce a new animal to her and claim it as mine, she instantly assumes the role of guarding that animal. Other than a possum she has never killed another animal, she just chases them off to the edge of our property. She has that wisdom to judge situations like no other. She really loved my colt J.D., giving him kisses and they would play together all the time, J.D. really misses her :( 


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