Wow!! What a great experience!! You are tip top, do a great job! I have never had a better experience buying a dog. My wife is so happy, and our puppy is so beautiful!!! Your operation is amazing, congratulations on that!!! You have gained more than a happy customer, you have made a friend. You let us know if you ever need anything!!! GREAT JOB!!!!  -  Curtis and Mikki Sweat of Monterrey TN

Well I am a proud owner of a TM thanks to Jill. We absolutely love our puppy. She is housebroken, she is so smart, she is such a sweetheart she loves us already. Diesel is smitten with her too. He is annoying her a lot and she still stays right by his side. Thank you Jill your puppies are awesome! And the too little guys too that were licking my legs! -  Shelley Adams of Ohio